About Bubby's stock...

What is Bubby's stock you ask and why is it called that?

Bubby (this was our nickname for him) came into our home at 6 weeks old. He was addicted to cocaine, was very crabby, cried (screamed every night for hours for the first couple of months we had him, threw up half of every bottle we gave him up till he was 6 or 7 months old...and he captured our hearts in every way.
He was a challenge for sure. He made us more tired than we'd ever been. But we loved him like he deserved to be loved, knowing that chances were eventually that he would probably end up going home. It's tough to love this way, knowing that your heart will probably get broken but this is how Jesus calls us to love. He was with us until he was 9 months old and then he went home, not because everything was okay at home or because his birth parents did what they needed to do but because the court systems are corrupt and not a help to these kids.
Bubby remains in our hearts daily and we pray for him and his family.  This is why this stock is near and dear to our hearts.  Its not selling junk or items that are bad quality. 
Its signifying a love for the broken kids and our love for this one child that we can't seem to get over.  
This is Bubby's stock and this little man is why we've added it to our items for sale.

We love you Bubby!! XOXO!

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