Friday, March 6, 2015

God speaking to my heart.

Within the last few weeks...a few things have transpired in my life that God is really using to teach me some things.
one being that no one that i know has ever been forced into correction with God or repentance with Him with HARSH words...
words like...God won't hear your prayers until everything is right...
or when you respond when someone asks you a question and its not the response they want..your now being called an "attacker"or unbiblical....
The above words are not the words of God I was just reading in my bible.
God's words are love and says His gentleness is unsearchhable...due to the vastness of it...
Sometimes we have the right heart but the wrong approach.
God is showing me in my life when I've had the right heart but the wrong...very wrong approach....
I've let my passion get in the way of His gentleness to friends who are struggling or going through a rough time...
The scriptures actually say this life is rough yo. okay..well lets minus the yo...but you get the point...It says HE upholds all who fall...because this life is tough...yet God is good and there is NO limit to HIS power, HIS love and HIS concern for HIS people.

The key word is HIS. He chose us. Not you or me choosing each other...but who are we to say HE has turned his back on us because we aren't doing things the way you or I or jim-bob down the street would say we should.

The bible also says The Lord is gracious and Full of compassion, slow to anger and great in mercy. The Lord is good to ALL...and His tender mercies..
So who are we to say otherwise...
I guess my point in this blog post is to say...I will be different in this area...I'm not going to win a friend struggling to repentance with harsh words...or a friend who is sad into even happy with "stop have so much to be thankful for"...rather I'm going to be compassionate knowing that I would want the same..but also because I believe thats what jesus would ask us to do.

So to anyone I've been overly passionate and less compassionate with...I'm very sorry. I'm a terrible work in progress...and I'm slow.
seriously...when someone says something to takes me an entire day to come up with the words to respond..because I'm slow...
Anyways... lets extend Grace...even when its not due..


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Meeting [Notes]

We had our big meeting with the President of our agency.
It went well.
I was having a bit of a stressful day to start....I I should just reschedule this meeting..because my head is not in it at the moment.
I was working on Emma's valentines for the party today...
Also getting newly aquatinted with our new foster loves...
They are crazy cute...
but like with any new placement learning boundaries, and that they are loved here.

So I went into our meeting with my rockstar hubby. He asked me to reiterate my heart on this to him, before we left for the meeting, so he could help convey it well to the president of Ennis.

I don't know if I could actually express how thankful I am to him of being such an encouragement in this ministry.

We sat before him...sharing our heart. Bob shared his heart...and how great the need really is. How our state is failing our kids. How broken the system really is. I really am thankful for our agency. What president of any agency would want to sit down and discuss a foster parents heart? Not many that I know of.

Did you know that kids in foster care get [1] pair of glasses. Doesn't matter if their prescription has changed..they get one pair. That is the state for you. Sad that these kids who have already gone through so much have to continue being last in the states eyes too.

So yesterday after conveying our heart, we wrote a check to Ennis for $270.00 for safe sleep.  What is safe sleep you ask?
Well,  its what prevents kids from having to enter foster care because of the lack of beds in the home[really because of poverty].
You guys! Your purchases just helped keep 7 kids in their homes. 7 kids not have to enter foster care because of poverty. Your purchase did that. 
The need is great, not gonna lie, the goal is big[huge!].  3,000 safe sleep beds are needed just in our county alone.
I'm not letting that big number scare me...or say how could that need ever been can and one by will be met.

We are working closely with our agency that if a need arises they will contact us. The needs that may arise is a relative caregiver needing help while being licensed...or a birthparent who needs a bed for their children to get them home...or bottles. Guys can you imagine the only thing keeping a child/baby from being able to go home is one set of bottles? Thats just beyond my comprehension...but that is the state for you.  Your purchase is going to help situations like these that might arise...and of course the safe sleep project.

So I hope you will continue to share our heart in helping be a small part of the puzzle for these kids.  Lets put the kids first for once. I'm beyond saddened that these kids needs have not come first in many years. But I am praying big GOD size prayers for this to change. You can help be that change.

Our Etsy shop is listed on the side tab <-----over arrow="" p="" there...under="" warriors="">
Still available....

We hold ready to ship sales, usually one of a kind on Instagram on Thursday evenings at 9pm eastern.

Want a custom order? Email me at daysnumbrd at gmail dot com.

Thanks friends...can't wait to share more of all that God is going to do through your purchases!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bubby's stock....

hello friends.

I've never made wallets before but I figured I'd try and I think they came out pretty good.

Now me being a perfectionist they aren't up to my normal standards. Many of you have asked if they are available and with my husbands prodding i will make them available alone with other purses and pouches that haven't met my standards.

These "less than perfect" items will be called Bubby's stock.
You see when foster kids(foster arrows) come into care, they are often times than perfect or even damaged but they deserve the same love and care as any other children.  These "less than perfect" items can be loved the same way  these foster kids deserve to be loved and are a good reminder that these kids are broken and "less than perfect" in the worlds eyes but they are loved and cherished in Jesus' eyes(and ours).
So when I sell an item from Bubby's stock i will list what part i'm not all that pleased about it, but know that these ones are nearest to my heart because they are just like these children that are foster arrows and we love them through the brokenness.

These items are not clearance items, but rather my special stock.

To find out more about Bubby and why it's called Bubby's stock click the link at the top next to home button that says "about Bubby's stock" see our heart, exposed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Arrow*warrriors... what does it mean??

Hey friends..or shall I say WARRIORS.

i wanted to explain my heart and decision to change my pouch name from Difference Maker to Arrow Warriors.

i was reading this morning in Psalm 127...
and in verse 3-4 it says Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward,
Like ARROWS in the hand of a WARRIOR,
so are the children of ones youth.

and of course I loved verse 5...
HAPPY is the man who has his quiver full of them(although it doesn't really pertain to what I'm talking about right now.)

You see these children, my children, your children [ALL] children are little arrows.
and [WE] yes, you and me are WARRIORS for them. For their hearts. For their protection. because of LOVE, we can be WARRIORS for the little arrows.

i pray daily for my arrows...the ones here, the ones that have moved on, i so badly want them to make the bullseye...all i can do as a mama warrior is pray for them all and guide the ones here with me because He guides me.

I felt it fitting and felt it was actually the most perfect to change our name to arrow*WARRIORS.

please join in me in being a warrior for these arrows.
also you can now find us on Etsy... right here...



Friday, January 23, 2015

The zippered pouch #arrow-WARRIORS project

So heres a little behind my heart on why I'm making these zippered pouches.

Kids [arrows] in foster care go through a really tough transition being yanked from their home(no matter how bad it was was still theirs)and put with families that they've never met before...some loving..some not so loving...
Our hope is that instead of yanking these arrows from their home and putting them with families that they don't know...that a relative would be able to step up and take them. Now this isn't always best..but when it is best we want to foster that. And sometimes its just an electric bill that they may not be able to afford to pay because of the extra mouths they need to feed...or maybe they don't have the extra grocery money to be able to feed the extra kids...thats where we'd like to come in. Our hopes is to help provide for these relatives stepping up for their own families while they get licensed....or take other steps to have a better situation financially so that the kids that have entered their home will be well taken care of...and from a family member. The transition would be less hard on them...which I believe would make for less long term diagnoses.

My husband and I have seen many kids come through our doors..and the heart ache of the unknown to them...While we are loving and they have all they need almost unbearable to these kids. We've had kids run try and hurt diagnosed with ODD, RAD ect..
I know not every situation is best for the kids entering foster care to stay with a relative...and trust me when I say, the agency is looking for any and every reason to say the relative home is not fit...but when they do say its fit..we want to step up and help.  This last Christmas we were able to give Christmas to a grandpa that stepped up to take his 3 grandkids entering foster care...part was our youth group and part was tony and I...and really this is where this idea was birthed...This grandpa stepped up with nothing fact in the red...and He made it..but it he still makes it barely each month...I know just having Christmas provided for them was a huge relief for them...

So I'm selling these pouches...In hopes to help more Grandpas out their who love their grands and are willing to step up to bring them to their home...their familiar home.
DON'T GET ME WRONG...I will happily open my home to as many foster babes that need it...I love them all so much!
I'm just praying HE sells as much as needed to for this that HE has birthed in my heart.
I'm on instagram as mrstgiraud ...which is where I sell most of my pouches...between $25.00-$40.00... Also just re-opened my etsy shop.
Interested in a pouch to support foster care? Comment here or hit me up on Instagram.

Thanks for listening to my heart friends.
Have a blessed day!

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Humbling time in life...

Today we took temporary placement(for the weekend) of our foster son's half sisters. Yes sister(s).  One is 5 1/2 and one is 2 1/2.
This day has not gone anything like I expected.
The girls were very excited to have a sleepover at our house(I expected moaning and groaning) so excited they were bouncing off the walls...
this would actually be just after I told the hubs that these girls are not hyper. LOL.
We have had our challenges of trying to push to see how far they can run the house..which is so very much expected by any child coming into your home..muchless a foster who has bounced from houses a bit.
Nap time came around...
The oldest says "Gina! Can you do our tuck ins and high fives and hugs and kisses?"
Me "sure..just tell me how and when to do them.
Oldest "Now tuck in...
Me: tuck in...
Oldest: "Now hug...
Me: Hug
Oldest: "now high fives"
Me: high fiving to the number five.
Oldest: "now kiss"
Me: "Kiss"

This is where I started to get humbled...a little girl who I've only painted her nails a few times in our agency...and brought her a couple of little things..and picked up once from her house to take to a visit wants to hug and kiss me?
That just blew my mind. still does...

The younger ones turn....
Same routine...but the older one yells out...she doesn't like the hug I asked "do you want a hug too?"
She shook her head yes...
so I go to hug her and it was a genuine hug..with weight and heart behind it.
so I squeeze her like I would mine own...
And right then and there I'm humbled yet again...

Then after nap time...the kids went in the pool...and our bio kids rock is all I can say! They took turns caring for each girl in the pool...helping them with their floaties and googles...staying by their side...My mama heart was literally leaping with joy to see these kids step up in such a big way today.

After swimming we had to take Ez to baseball practice...and so we all went today, i thought it would be good to have the kids get out of the house and run...and play in sand.
So i drop off Ez and Tony to and grab some food through a drive through and as were heading back to the practice the older one corrects em as she say "my mom"...the older one corrects her and says "well she's our mom now too!"
YEP! humbled right again...jaw dropped...
Amazed again that these girls who have been through more than I could ever imagine and even possible for anyone to handle...are not hiding like I would be...but running to the arms of a new person who is willing to care for them properly.
Then we had a talk about skin color...the oldest asked em "why does you and your mom have the same skin color?"
I answered..."Jesus makes people in all different skin colors, shapes and sizes...and everyone is beautiful...the skin color for em and I happen to match but doesn't change how jesus see's us." She blew it off...
its okay...I pray she remembers that one day....
Then bed time rolls around....and we do our same high fives..hugs, kisses and tuck in routine...
and read a bed time story(which to be honest was rough for me, because I was tired!) and as i was walking out of the room...i just felt the need to tell them "I love you."
And once again...
I'm humbled by their response...
"I love you too! Good night!" from both girls...

I don't know all that the Lord is doing in my heart through saying yes to these girls for the it all a bed of roses? No...
Am I exhausted? Yep...
Am I overwhelmed?  A little...Not too bad...
But I know Jesus is using them to humble me...

I know foster care isn't for everyone...but what if you just said yes to a child for a weekend...and poored into their souls for a weekend...while you may think your changing them...and you may very well...think about how much is being changed in you.

Pray about foster care...Pray for the orphans...these kids in my home tonight truly are a picture of what the bibles talks about as orphans...right here in our own back yard.
okay...goodnight friends!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Are we C.R.A.Z.Y?

Here's a little glimpse into our day....and our lives.

Well currently we have a infant (7 weeks foster son, little D) screaming uncontrollably. (withdrawals suck.)...Em has a her second half of her birthday sleep over extravaganza tonight(She had two friends over last night and 1 friend over tonight)..and they are doing foot baths with her new foot spa...picture water just about everywhere...and nail polish remover smell.
The new puppy just pooped in the carpet room again. (sigh...really?!) That scent goes nicely with the nail polish remover scent...can you smell it now? GAG!
Ny picked her nose to the point of it gushing with blood. (this is a big deal. not to be taken lightly.)
Ny also doesn't want to eat and is currently on stand off for food for day number...wait.. I lost count. Every.MEAL. really.
Little D has a bad diaper rash...and every time he poops he screams. He has super sensitive skin.
Last night little D would only be soothed by being in his swing.  I wish I could just sooth him with my heart beat...but not yet.
I've done countless loads of laundry because Little D and Ny are either puking or bleeding or pooping on every piece of clothing and blankets they own...not to mention the dog who is peeing and pooping in the house still...and no matter how many times you take him out he still continues to go where he pleases. It doesn't matter how high we put up gates...he climbs the dumb get to the carpet rooms to do his business.
We have church in the morning...I finally planned out the little ones clothes the night made it kind of easy since...
I have a huge pile of laundry folded on the ottoman and waiting to go'd think I'd just take them upstairs so I can use the ottoman but nope(they will still be there tomorrow)..I just scooted my feet up on there with the clothes.
The boys are arguing with the PS4...some nonsense about I get to be this player...and don't beat me...I don't know. I just am staying out of that room right I'd have to try to walk over the cushioned chairs that are laying on there side to keep puppy in that room...which doesn't actually work..since the dog stands higher than the chairs..but hey they get a B for effort.
We are currently homeschooling. ya. What was I thinking?
Tonight for dinner...we ordered take out. I really didn't want to...but the ease of it won me over. I thought okay, I will make myself something healthy while the rest of the family eats "woof woof, meow meow"...but my lack of sleep and hungry took over and I caved and had chicken fried rice. Now my stomach is mad at me.
My cell phone is shattered beyond belief...and finally decided to upgrade today when we were at the store...well we start the process and they need some last four digits of the primaries my sister in hubs calls his answer...we decide okay we will come back...then his brother calls back and give him that we proceed with the upgrade...get through a little more and realize i didn't finish my iCloud back up. Sales man offers to back it up on iTunes. okay. great. He does the back up. The kids are starting to get restless....I am starving...these late night feedings for the little D are making me hungry throughout the day...dang it! So I go take the kids on a walk..come check on the hubs..and now they need some pin number(WHAT? good grief!)...again...hubs has to call his brother. This time he doesn't get back to us in time. So we leave. I'm dying...sugar levels low...patience level very patience level extremely low...yep its time to go!
Hubs says so where do you want to eat...I said the very first place available! Well that would be McD's. Which I'm not a huge fan of...but well I'm crashing fast and I said no problem get McD's I'm going to go inside to make Little D's go through drive through for food...and as I start to shut the door...I yell "DON'T FORGET MY DR. PEPPER!" The look on the hubs face was priceless...He said "okay?!" I explained i've tried to have Dr. Pepper 3 times this week while out and about at various drive throughs only to be disappointed with Diet coke or Diet Dr Pepper...Maybe I should be taking it as a sign...but nah...
So now I'm probably higher than a kite with all the fumes going through this house...the boys are playing sting pong...and I'm hearing ouch...and screaming from the ping pong/dining room table...the baby is still screaming and the girls are trying to chat at me about their nails...I keep smiling and nodding...and I'm trying to drink some Awake Tea so that I can spend a few minutes tonight with my man.
So thankful for my man. Tonight we hugged each other in the midst of all this chaos and said to each other we will get through this...we will.
So are we crazy? New puppy...New baby...2 year old (need I say more?) two teenagers and a newly double digit girl and homeschooling...what was I thinking...
While most days feel so also feels so right...
I pray the Lord breaks the pattern of these foster babies lives and shows our kids how to love the sometimes unloveable...and continues to work in us what He is right now...and that our hearts would be sensitive to His spirit.

Oh and one last thing...
I've given up on having a perfect house right if you come by you may see unswept floors..and laundry..and bottles lying around..and you'll see little D's clothes on the piano as we have no dresser for him yet...This is a big adjustment for me...I like a pretty clean house..but this is a season and I'm trying to embrace it in a way that is pleasing to Jesus...I'd rather be a Mary than a hopefully through the more messy than I'd like you will find hearts that aren't messy...with love and warmth and coffee.

Living by GRACE!