Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Oh my goodness Jennifer(bellatessa) tagged its suppose to be 7 things you all don't know about me??? Okay here goes,
1) I have three children, Isaac, Ezra and Emma...after we had Emma and named her we relized that we almost had 3 EEE's...Isaac was almost a Edwin...Boy am I glad we didn't go with that name!!!

2) I didn't use to be able to say this, but my husband really is my Best friend.

3) I still can't figure out ebay....being in the boutique community for 1 year now, I still can't figure it out, somtimes it seems like you can't give the stuff away, but yet someone is willing to spend there hard earned money on a pair of maxi pad slippers!! Again I don't get Ebay.

4) My family is passionate!! Its all or nothing. My husband is not this way, he is very laid back, but my mom, my brother, and I are all very passionate...and watch out you people who try to come against our kids...You'd think world war three happened.

5) I'm very husband and I can go around in circles for 20+ minutes on what to have for dinner, because I just don't like picking...I don't want to think about it...I always say it could mess up my designs that I'm storing in my head if I have to think and decide about stuff like that...I usually win.LOL

Trying to think of two more is killing me!!! I think it should be like choose 5 or 7.LOL!

6) Sometimes when I'm around people that speak more in slang...I find myself conforming to that and trying to speak like them...I know I'm a dork. I'm tryin to work on that.

7) I love my life...I love that the Lord has given me talent to sew, I love my Kids...I love my Husband!! I love my life! I am blessed!!

I hope you enjoyed reading 7 things ya didn't know about me...I even suprised myself.LOL... Oh I almost forgot to tag...I suppose no tag backsies is a rule here huh...well lets see...Chelsea vintage*chic boutique, rhembein, junk2jewels, in full bloom, well girls thats what I could come up with....sorry, I so new to blogging, I don't know alot of people.



IFBdesigns said...

Cool post!! Thanks for the tag!!

rhembein said...

Cool! What a neat tag!! I would say the same for #2. We have grown so much together. :)

Off to go do my tag! Thanks!!


vintagechicboutique said...

It was great to learn 7 new things about you. I feel the same about my hubby:)

Thanks for the tag!!!


Erin said...

I totally saw those maxi pad slippers- they also sold tampon key chains. Crazy, right???

Gina said...

OmGOSH!!! I didn't see the tampon key chain...thats even worse!!! Yuk!


bella*tessa said...

Those were GREAT, Gina!