Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ziske family fundraiser....

On Spring break a poor little guy only 5 years old, was tragicly only a memory for many school grade children, and there families. His life at Pinewood Elementry was short. He lost his life to a swimming pool on spring break in florida, while on vacation. I can't imagine the grief the family must be going thru, and loss that must be in there hearts. I being a beliver in the eternal life that we can ALL have, belive that, that little guy is with his eternal father. He is happy, and enjoying perfection that the Lord would have created just for him, if he was the only person here. My prayers are ongoing for this family. His life was short, but his impact was great.

Pinewood has tried to help in the not only phyical pain and suffering but the financial one. As I'm sure non of us plan on something like this happening, the financial strain should be the last thing this poor family has to deal with. AS a result to trying to help, pinewood is having a fundraiser for the family of Zachary Ziske. The fundraiser is this Friday, June 1st. I have designed a little outfit for 12-24mos. This set will be auctioned/raffled off at the fundraiser. You can buy tickets for the raffle, put them in the bin to hopefully not only win this sweet frog set, but help a family who is truely grieving. If you would like to purchase tickets, I will be going to the fundraiser, you can email me and let me know how much you want in tickets, send the monies thru paypal, and I will add it in the bin for this set(pics will be taken for my viewers to see the fundraiser). If you win this set, I will personally pay for the shipping to you, as another way to help encourage all to bid. I truely want to help...I hope you all will to. If anyone has any questions about his fundraiser being true, you can contact Pinewood Elementry school at 586-439-4405. Thanks to all my readers, and to all of you for having a great heart!


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Erin said...

That is so sad, I can't even imagine. Your little froggy outfit is very cute.