Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ziskie Family fundraiser was a success!

Well I forgot to bring my camera in, but the school was able to donate that night 2500.00, and then they have another 700.00 to give them right now, and there hoping with selling those wrist bands at 3.00 each, that they might be able to give another 1,000.00. The family was so vary THANKFUL! They even spoke a few words. I guess they let the school know that they were now able to pay for funneral costs, but still didn't have enough money for a headstone. So they will continue to sell the wrist bands until school lets just over a week. Thanks to those who donated money, and for reading and hopefully praying for this family. There burden has been made light.


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Ribbon Rock Star said...

I am glad the fundraiser was such a success!