Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Its a sad day...

So my baby girl had surgery, a month ago. The doctor said there is like a 7-12% chance that the eye surgery would need to be redone, he said its very rare...but has to let us know the possibilities. So we say okay, lets do it. Well after the swelling started to go down, I start freeking out...ITS NOT RIGHT, ITS NOT RIGHT, I yell to my husband...hes trying to comfort me, yet still be a man. We all know how men are, things are fine until someone tells us other wise. He said call the doc, if your really that worried, so I do. I call, we get seen, and sure enough, my motherly instincts, things are NOT RIGHT!! He over corrected the eye. And now we have to do the surgery again. I"m just in tears over this...this surgery was so hard to handle the first time, and that was with us going into it blindly, now that we are going into knowing what to expect....I just can't stop crying over it.

You all might be wondering why she had to have eye surgery in the first place. Well a long story shorter(notice I said shorter, not short.LOL) My daugther had recieved an antibiotic from the pharmacy, she recieved two scripts within a 2-3 week time span, well when I went back for the second script, the price doubled...I was like wtheck? The pharmacist, said I can look it up for you to see why it was different then last time. She then proceeded to tell me that I was crazy, and that my daughter did not have a script filled there, since august of last year. I said what!! I'm not crazy, I still have the medicine bottle in the fridge. She then told me that I should check the date on the bottle, implying that it was from august of 06. Okay thats just down right rude! IMHO.LOL...so I go home, give my daughter her meds, I then proceed to go back to Target a week later to give her the script bottle, and my reciept for a refund, of the difference, and I look on the paper work, to Low and behold see our name spelled wrong. I thought, oh just a typo, but then look at the paper work a little more to see that they had an address for California. I was like what! Then I looked at the date of the ladies birthday, and she was 31 years old....then I notice, that the had doubled to trippled the dose(the pharmacist, not the doc) to meet the needs of this 31 year old woman. I freaked out!! I immediatley called my doc, they said we need to do some tests. Things all started to make sense, because Emma started getting more sick as she was on the meds, she had to start taking her inhailer, because we thought her asthma was kicking into high gear...but come to find out from the doc, she had the breathing problems because of the overdose. Anyways(I was suppose to maker this shorter, right?)She then developed a cross eye from the med overdose.

So I say all that to say this...we could really use all of your prayers. Her surgery is scheduled for the 12 of July. Also we are trying to nail Target for this. Because of the redicolous state we live in, we have to have a doctor willing to go up agenst another doctor, and there has to be lasting affects. Its considered a no fault state. So anyone that wants to be a doctor, and not have to take the blame for doing anything wrong, come here. It almost impossible to sue someone here. Also if anyone nows a really good lawyer, we have one now, hes okay, but I need one that can find the loop holes, one that will make Targets pharmacy pay for what they did to my daughter....If nothing else get them to pay the medical bills, which are thru the roof right now....

Its such a shame that you have to sue someone to get them to feel that they did something wrong. Target said sorry, I'll refund your script, oh and of course offer you a Target giftcard for your inconvience. WHAT!! My daughter has to be put thru surgery 2 times now, and all you have to say is sorry. I just don't think thats right.

Sorry for rambling so much, the main points I had were, please pray for us. And check your childrens perscriptions, make sure the name and address are right. I will keep you all updated.


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Erin said...

Wow, Gina, so sorry. Will keep you all in my prayers :)