Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An APPLE picken good time...

Doesn't that look soo tastey??? We've been apple picking twice in the last three weeks. So needless to say I've been baking many apple desserts. :) I can feel the pounds adding up, just smelling the apple crisps and pies...mmmm. Wheres that weight watchers number again? LOL... As I've continued to always battle my weight, I think I'm starting to find a great medium. When baking I use half I can't believe its not butter light, and half real butter. It keeps the same texture, and flavor as full butter but with half the calories. When making pumpkin bread, if it calls for 3 eggs I do one full egg and two egg whites, and if it calls for 1 cup of oil, I choose canola oil and only use 1/4 cup and the other 3/4's unsweetened apple sause. So with each year, and fall being one of my most favorite seasons, I try to practice these few healthy habbits, while I'm baking this fall and Christmas season.

Some pictures of one of our apple picking weekends. The leafs are falling(and so are the apples!LOL), the weathers chilly, ITs my favorite time of year, and we get to be together now more than ever.(I'll explain that more later:) ) Oh the joy of FALL!! I hope you enjoy the pictures...I'll share more later.


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