Thursday, December 13, 2007

So I said no more customs til 2007 sooo...heres some ready to ship..

I've made some M2MG hairbows, and a couple of ready to ship outfits....they are all super cute, and sized for a 3T. Just click on my auctions to find them on ebay. I hope you and your family are having a great time celebrating the Christmas season....Oh I just love this time of year!!

So I've been off almost everyday this week going from one place to the next. Tomarrow I have santas shop at the boys school....I helped a half day today there, and it was crazy!! Kids get soo excited about buying stuff, watching it get wrapped and hanging out. Tomarrow I'm going for a full day and with my Princess....9 am to 4pm(todays I went without her). I'm hoping a leapster, and coloring stuff will keep her busy. We'll see. :0)

As for the boys, my oldest tells me and my Dh tonite that a boy has stolen money from him twice this week! We were soo crushed, and mad. Why do older kids have to be mean to the younger ones??? One kid stole 40 paceos(its a school insentive reward program that they can buy stuff with) and then earlier that week he stole .50 from him on monday. Ya know this kind of stuff use to keep me up at night when he was a baby and I use to think I don't know how I will handle stuff like that...well I don't feel like I"m handling it that much better than I invisioned. I use to have sleepless nights when he was 2 months old, and now I'm having sleepless nights and hes almost 8. I feel soo helpless. And to make matters worse He also has a mean teacher. Man I feel like the Lord is stretching us this year. I don't like to be streteched. I like comfort. And NOW to the Principles office I go!LOL...Ya know that feeling you use to get when you were sent to the principles office as a kid...well I have news for all of doesn't go away as an adult. ha...kind of funny....

Oh and tonite for our midweek church night instead of a bible study we went caroling to a retirement community. I sooo did not want to go, but went anyway, and man was it such a blessing. Some of the people in there don't see anyone besides there neighbors for months on end. We had people coming out there doors, and just wanting to listen and follow us throught the halls, and talk with us. They were all sooo cute! They said we were such a blessing to them, but to be honest, they were a blessing to us. I hope to continue to visit there, and show a glimse of Christ to each and every resident. They deserve to have some attention. My heart goes out to them.

Well I think I've written a book here...and my dh is calling until we meet again!


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