Thursday, January 10, 2008


So my birthday is coming, and my little sweetie and her daddy went out to go shopping for me yesterday, my birthday isn't until the 18th, but they couldn't wait to give me my present. Even the boys were all excited and they were at school when they went shopping, I LOVE that they enjoy giving!! So I got my present a few days early, oh and my oldest son's birthday is 2 days before mine..the 16th. That was a little hard when I was in the hospital on my birthday, and pretty much most people didn't remember my birthday, but my mom and my husband...but now I love that we share our birthdays this close...ITs FUN!
So this is what I got from my dh and the kids...

OH and this is fun, I'll give you all our birth dates..its soo funny when I go to the doctor, cause I have to keep all these dates seperate! What a task!LOL
Isaac january 16
ME january 18
Emma February 5
Ezra February 19
Then my dh has the perfect bday JUly!! The stinker!!! All alone. :)



Erin said...

woo hoo! cute!!!

We're the same way, anniversary is Feb 4th, Jonah is Feb 24, Ryan is March 15, Caleb is March 29 and I'm March 31.

Tessa is in October!

Gina said...

Lucky Tessa!! Isn't it crazy to try to keep all those dates the same!