Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I REALLY like!

I adore everything about this set...even down to the high top pink shoes! Oh well I guess they could be the low top! Silly me! It just looks so comfy cozy, perfect for everyday wear!

Again copy and paste the Link in your tool bar, cause I don't know how to do the click here thing...anybody want to leave me a comment on how to do that? :)

Hope you like my pick for today...This might just have to be a regular thing!


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Tammy said...

I love that outfit so much. It does look so comfortable. If you want to add a link. In the box that you open for a new post highlight the word you would like to insert a link for or if you just want the link to be active by itself than skip that step. You will see the B for bold, I for italic, and than a symbol like a sideways 8. You click that symbol and a box will open for the web address. I hope I explained it well. Or you could just type this before and after every web address.