Friday, September 19, 2008

Who doesn't love Candyland?...

I just listed this set on Ebay, its an OOAK and it won't be offered again. Hours upon days went into this set., and Em didn't want to give it up, I had to bribe her, now she's okay with giving it up...oh and remember my contest going til the 21st...any bid by then counts...


I also listed a few resells on ebay..You can see everything here
The Candyland set can be viewed here

So on a personal note, we have been really crazy here. We've moved this Summer, then we decided to do a home school partnership program with our local Christian school, so I home school both boys for every subject except two. This is new for me, and its really cramping my sewing style...LOL...But its working out Great. My one son needs one on one attention, and he has really flourished these last couple of weeks.

Em started preschool this week....she LOVES LOVES LOVES it! But when I ask her what she did today, she says "I don't want to talk about it!"LOL...I ask why did you get in trouble, and she like No I just don't want to talk!LOL...Kids! Gotta love em.

On a sadder note, looks like my Grandmother is finally passing on. She's a believer so I'm not sad for her. I know she will be in a better place, and we will see her again one day. But she seemed soo good one day, my daughter and I went to visit and she just babbled(we can't understand her since the stroke last month) and she babble more and more, where finally we had to go cause she was soo tired, well that was the last day she was really responsive and today, the nurses couldn't wake her at they sent her to the hospital, and the doctors say 24-48 hours before she goes.

so again its been crazy here...but hopefully I can get in the swing of things again soon.


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