Friday, June 19, 2009

Bueches matchups....

So my friend was recently telling me about a store called Bueches near her in Flushing, so I decide to look it up online to see if I can find an online add...I found some good matchups..not a ton, but hey when your couponing you only need a few things from each store, right!? She was also telling me they double up to 1.00, so hoping that that is true all the time (there mailer says this week doubling up to 1.00..not sure if they change it from week to week) here are the deals i found...

Ball Park Beef franks 2 for 5.00 -1.00 CPN DBLD = final cost 1.00 per package in sundays paper

Jennie-o Turkey dogs .99 package - Good DEAL!

Sandies cookies 2.50 per package -1.00 CPN here DBLD = final cost .50

Engergizer batteries 2.99 -1.00 CPN DBLD = final costs .99 in sunday paper

kraft bbq sauce .99 -1.00 CPN here could poss be dbld for a 1.00 money maker

General mills Cereal 1.79 box-buy 3 use 1.00 off coupon DBLD = 3.37 for 3 boxes from Sunday paper

Fruit Chillers 2.50 -1.00 off CPN here DBLD = final cost .50

Pop tarts 2 for 4.00 - 1.00 off CPN DBLD = final cost 2 for 2.00 from Sunday paper

Kraft Bagel-fuls 1.99 box -1.00 off CPN here DBLD = free **hopefully you printed this coupon has been pulled**

earthbound farms organic mix 2 for 6.00 -1.00 CPN HERE DBLD = 2 FOR 4.00

Okay thats all I see for now!


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Anonymous said...

There is a Bueche's on M-15 also.