Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I might be a bit MIA the rest of the week as we are moving, closing tomorrow and lots to do through saturday..so please hang on during my absence if your still reading this blog...

A couple of deals worth mentioning...

Kroger sales...

Oscar Meyer hot dogs 1.49 (if you buy 10 participating products)
plus found a tear pad at Meijer for free hotdog buns if you buy two packs of OM dogs
MQ 1.00 off two from this last sunday's paper or you can buy them here ... DBLed
Final cost .50 per package plus free buns!
(I will be buying 10 packages of hot dogs...this is stocking up til the next big sale with coupons...)

Kraft BBQ sauce .70 (if you buy 10 participating products)
MQ from a sundays paper .55 off DBLed
Final Cost...Money maker

Garnier fructis 2.99
MQ from sundays papers 1.00 off DBLed
Final cost.... .99

Kroger brand Organic milk 1.99 a gallon...Expired the following week...GREAT SCORE!

Betty Crocker fruit shapes and roll ups 1.69 (*must buy 10 participating products)
MQ from the boys school .50 off two DBLed
Final cost...1.19 each

Orville popcorn 2.19 (must buy 10 participating products)
MQ .50 off 1 from Sundays papers DBLed
final cost 1.19

Eckrich smoked sausage 2.50
MQ .55 off 1 from sundays papers DBLed
Final cost 1.40

FREE because of the OM hot dog tear pad

7up 2.99 per 12 pack (must buy 3)
MQ printable here 1.00 PRINT 3 COUPONS...
Final cost 6.00 plus deposit

I might post so Meijer deals if I can find time...

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