Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vg's foods tripling coupons up to .99

So VG's is tripling there coupons up to .99 I walked out today paying 17.00 for total was 47.00 Thats 30.00 in savings!!
What did I get for my 17.00...


Fruit gushers X2

Sunny Delight orange smoothie

hubba bubba gum X2

Dole pineapple orange juice 8 count

BBL tape sour gum

Lipton rice meadley X2

Bertolli Ravioli frozen meals X2 (retails for 6.00 each)

Jello pudding 8 count

Betty crocker warm delights X2

Suddenly Salad X2

Lawrys marinate

Tonys single serving pizza

Newmans light salad dressing

Uncle Bens rice

Tabasco sauce

French Mustard X2

Zatarains Yellow Rice X2

Ocean spray 64 oz Juice

Pretty Good I think!!


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