Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sobe water at Target...updates on our weekend and shopping...

Okay so heres the deal, Target is offering Sobe Lifewater at Target 10 for 10.00 You can get a printable coupons here **HURRY I HAD TO SEARCH HARD FOR THIS COUPON..NOT SURE IF ITS SUPPOSE TO STILL BE WORKING** So you get a BOGO with that coupon, hit your back button and print it again...if you have family members that don't print coupons go to there house and copy and paste this link to an email to yourself to get 4 coupons...then your out of pocket is even less...anyways Target is offering a 5.00 gift card when you purchase with the coupons and the gift card you recieve its a sweet deal...

Also at Target there is Kashi on sale and there are lots of printable coupons out right now as well as on Targets website...It makes for super cheap Kashi!
Kashi Coupon

Kashi coupon

Kashi coupon for cereal or bars

Kashi Waffles coupon

Kashi bars coupon

On a different note..I ran to Meijer on Friday and got the Naturewell beef and two bags of salad and rolled the deal 4 more times...but seriously who needs that much salad...I really was just wanting the beef for only .72 for a half I decided today I was going to take the salad (22 bags of it) to our church and let those who might want some to take it home...I hope its a blessing! Also at Meijer I had a Old Orchard coupons for .50 off doubled it to 1.00 off and then went to Meijer Mealbox and printed the Old orchard coupon off there that was .50 and so for each 64 ounce container of Old Orchard I paid .16! I ended up having 6 coupons for the juice, so I bought 6 coupons.

This last week at Kroger I went again on Saturday with a friend...My coupons came in the mail on friday and so we ran over to Kroger to get my 10 bottles of suave free(took this to the church too, since we don't need or use this shampoo/conditioner..and my heart really is to bless others with these good deals and not just be a horder)...and 10 bottles of Ragu for free with the Daytona 3.00 off when you purchase 10...that sauce happened to be part of the sale too!

Then today after church we ran to Target to get our 20 packs of Rayovak Batteries for free, my coupons from The coupon Master came on Friday with the rest of the coupons and the coupon was for 1.00 off and there in Target's 1.00 spot right now...And the Cashiers were wonderful at Target, they did not hastle me at all...she said as long as its one coupon per pack its totally fine....YAY!! And well with three kids we go through batteries alot here...and there great to add to bday gifts for those presents you always forget take batteries! :)

One last thing...I know you all already know but Kmart is doubling to 2.00 this week...just a reminder but you must have 25.00 in merchandise before the coupons for them to double them....

Okay Gotta run...


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