Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New coupons released at Target.com....

I know you all think I'm addicted to Target or something, but honestly I just post about the best deals, and right now Target is it...and can be your one stop shopping....I'll be posting in a bit what I purchased yesterday for great prices!

Target just released some great coupons, but I've heard there only allowing you to print twice per computer...and they've changed there coupon system on there website....kinda a bummer if ya ask me....but I figured they'd start changing there coupons soon...just a bummer that they started it with this great coupon!

So my favorite couopn on this new forum is the 1/1 12 pack of pepsi product...Price match this with Meijer and get soda for 1.77 a 12 pack! Oh ya, i'm heading back there again today for my cheap 12 pack of pepsi!

Heres a link to all the coupons...


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