Thursday, November 5, 2009

Todays Target run...SAved $151.00!!

I ran to Target for the WII game deal...and it was soo perfect! The cashier even said to me, you know about the buy 2 get one right? I said Yes! She said oh and don't forget you can use a coupon on that too!! Even better that they have there employees advertising it for them....So Today I purchased at Target 12 WII games, 4 Boxes of Kelloggs cereal, 2 4 packs of Fruit Chillers(My Husbands new addiction!), Ritz crackers, Ritz crackerfuls, 2 bags of marshmallows, 2 tubs of Scotts wipes, 1 4 pack of fruit cups, 2 bounce bars, 4 bags of Alexia frozen fries and onion rings, 3 boxes of Eggo waffles...for a grand total of 124.00...Not too bad, considering all but 3 of my Wii games were 19.99, the other three were 14.99....So I went with a bit more expensive ones to get what I thought people would really like. Heres what I did to get that total...
9 Wii Games at 19.99 each = 179.00 Used (3) 10.00 off coupons
3 Wii games at 14.99 each = 44.97 Used (3) more 10.00 off coupons(all Wii games were purchased in a single transaction, but to show you the price difference I seperated it for you)
-19.99(store promo B2G1)
-19.99(store promo B2G1)
-14.99(store promo B2G1)
4 Boxes of Kelloggs cereal 2.66 each = 10.64 Used (3) 1.00 off one box of Kelloggs, plus Used (1) 1.50 off 3 boxes of Kellogs
-2.66 (Store promo B3G1)
2 4 packs of Fruit Chillers 2.01 each = 4.02 (this is Love...I hated paying only sale price with no coupon, but thought it would bless my honey!)
Ritz crackers sale 2.50= Used (1) coupon By Ritz crackers get Ritz crackerfuls for free
RItz crackerfuls FREE
2 bags of Marshmallows 1.20 per bag = 2.40 Used (1) Target coupon for 1.00 off Two bags
2 tubs of Scotts wipes 1.85 each = 3.70 Used (2) .50 off Coupons
Fruit cups sale 2.01
2 Bounce Bars 3.84 each = 7.68 Used (1) 2.50 off coupon, Used (1) 1.50 off coupon
4 bags of Alexia Fries and onion rings clearance for 1.30 per bag = 5.20
3 boxes of Eggo Waffles clearance .88 = 2.64

Sorry for the lack of posting today, for some reason everytime I try to post something with pics Safari crashers...tried Firefox after the 5th time, and it crashed too...I'll try to catch up from the day....

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