Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meijer trip yesterday....

Yesterday I headed to Meijer cause we needed a few groceries....1/2 way through the month and had only spent 100 bucks if that on groceries...Love couponing!! So I wanted to pass on a few deals I thought would be helpful for my blog readers...
Kelloggs Cereal 5 for 10.00 plus a free gallon of meijer brand milk when you buy 5 cereals...
Use the 5.00 off four Kelloggs cereals here and one printable coupon for corn flakes with honey 1.00/1 from here makes your cereal .60 a box!

Bakers chocolate 1.99 - .55 MQ from Sunday paper

Large Meijer eggs .99

Kraft Cheese 1.49 for 8oz bags use -1.00/2 printable coupon = 1.00 per bag of cheese

Apples 2.50 for 3lb bags

Motts Apple juice Naturals 1.67

Motts Apple sauce 1.67

Lays chips 1.99

Frozen veggies 1.00

Philli cream cheese .99 -.55/2 = .75 each

Blackberries 1.00

Meijer butter 1.50

Flipside crackers sale 2.19 -55 MQ

Plus for every 100.00 you spend on General merchandise you recieve a 5% off coupon for groceries with a max of 20% stackable..last week I purchased the PS3 for my boys for Christmas and received three 5% off coupons and stacked those together for this shopping trip...but the best part was the cashier said she had to take the 15% off after the MQ coupons(I know doesn't soung like the best part...but keep gets AWESOME!), so I said okay, and after looking at my reciept the computer gave me the 15% before coupons even thought she scanned them last! I was soo excited! Oh and theres a coupon out right now that I forgot to print! I was sooo bummed its the 5.00 off any 25.00 grocery purchase!(I guess it reached its print limit...I should have printed it the day I saw it...sorry for not posting on it sooner...I've been soo busy!) So I could have saved another 5 bucks on top of that cereal deal...they would have ended up paying me to take there cereal!LOL....And I love to suport Kelloggs since there operating in michigan and well we need to support our local jobs!


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