Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Todays free gifts from American Greetings/Photoworks..

:Visit the American Greetings website HERE and click on the PhotoWorks graphic on the home page
::Enter your email address and select your gift.***(I did not have to put in my email address, I believe it is going off IP address')
::Receive your coupon code and enter it during checkout on the Photoworks website.**(Make sure you print your code or write it down, as you will NOT be able to access the code again.)
If you are not interested in any of those three products a $25 coupon will be issued that can be used toward the purchase of another PhotoWorks photo book, card, calendar, or photo gift. The $25 coupon may not be used to purchase prints or gift certificates and does not apply to shipping and handling charges. Click on the continue to Photoworks to start your project and your ready to go...so far there site seems to be handling any craziness so lets hope it continues...I've already got mine ordered...and It took about an hour....
Happy Deal day!

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