Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Party for Anika!!

So we had a wonderful Euchre night. Such great fellowship....each of these ladies hearts are so beautiful and it was so perfectly displayed last night as they all graciously gave to Anika's new family! Yep thats right she has a family!! I will post about her new family right after this post.
Our Euchre night....
Emma made banners for the party....I LOVE her heart! She was excited to do so....I think it made everyone feel welcome. ;)

WE played cards...We ate, We fellowshipped....some of us were really loud {ehhmmmm, not me;)} We ate some more!, we {PRAYED} ....For Anika, for her family, for the orphans and for us to be used by God in even this smallest way and maybe some {ehhmmm, not me again ;)} prayed to WIN!, We laughed, I almost cryed a few times....and GOD was Glorified! Can we do this once a week?!?! I know it would get coffee habbit would have {HAVE} to be kicked to afford that....Timmy Hortons might disown me...We'll see, it would be worth it ;). WE also gave out a few small prizes.. I know I said there would be NO prizes, but I blame my mother. I can't not be crafty and make gifts that cost me practically nothing when I have the itch....a perfect excuse to try some new ideas that have swirling around in my brain lately. I loved them. I hope everyone who won loved them too.

Sorry some are iso wasn't set right ;(

We raised $300.00 for Anikas new family! How awesome!

The prizes....

We are all just a small part to this big puzzle, and it blows my mind that God is so graciously choosing to use me to help. I am yours Lord, be glorified.

Oh all right, stop yellin ladies, it was me that prayed to win, and me again who was ridiculously loud...But I blame my awesome friend DARLA! Love you Darla! ;)

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love said...

LOVE this!!! thank you, thank you for stepping up & loving on Anika and her family!

bless you! =)