Monday, July 18, 2011


So the last post I talked about change.
Change is hard for me.

While I prayed so very hard for this change to come quickly as I felt our time was up where we were at, however I wasn't prepared.

I'm still not.

God is bigger than all my fears.
I hold onto that very tightly.

On Sunday My husband stepped down as the assistant Pastor of our little church.
God had been stirring this in our lives for almost a year now.
Theres no hidden sin.
Just simply obeying the voice of God.

He seems to move us after we following only the first step.
We are still waiting his next step.
He is leading our family, and we are listening.

Even though we have prayed for this change for a year now it still is hard. We've invested 5 years into starting this church.
We've prayed for this church for 7 years now.
We moved our family 1 hour away to start and assist at this church.
We were the first ones there.
The last ones to leave.
We prepared for each service.
We were the worship team.
Cleaning crew.
Coffee Ministry.
Outreach Ministry.{so awesome!!}
Was the children's ministry for a year or two.{felt like three!}
We were the set up crew.
The tear down crew.
We did all we could to lift the arms of the Pastor and his wife {which just so happen to be my brother and sister(inlaw)}
We did all that needed to be done so they could minister to those that needed them.
We've watched our children grow up in this church.
For the very first time three weeks ago I got to see my sons passing out communion.
{My heart was joyful.}

I said all that to say...It is hard seeing this kind of change. It is awesome to see where the Lord has taken this church.
I still remember the feelings of overwhelmed and excitedness with each journey.
I didn't do everything right.
But my heart and my thoughts were pure.
I just want to serve my Jesus.
Everything we did was done without anyone seeing, recognizing or applauding us.
We were/are okay with that.

Where do we go from here? Only God knows, and is showing us each tiny step at a time.
We are listening.
We are waiting quietly.
Our children are patiently waiting.

This is where he has us, will you please pray with us?.



Anonymous said...

You know your mama is praying! Love you!

Rosie said...

I think this is awesome and exciting. This is exactly where God has Brian and I and we are expectantly waiting. God is amazing when he moves and he orchestrates every step. Love you guys and will be praying for you as the Lord directs you.

Gina said...

Thanks mom.

Gina said...

Rosie....i was super excited a month ago, now well just praying more than ever. I'm thankful for his leading and his word....the Lord is good. Love you guys too and we'll be praying for direction for you too.