Friday, August 26, 2011

James 1:27

I'm sorry for all the serious posts lately....I promise some fun light hearted posts will come soon...However My heart is burdened for these two Orphan kids.

There are pages upon pages of Orphaned kids you could look at and I did, but for some reason {only God knows} these two kids stuck out to me....

Will you pray with me for these two sweet kids? Lets pray that someone steps up and becomes their family before its too late. See in eastern Europe if you don't an adopted family by 8 you stay an orphan. How sad. Your age determines if your an orphan forever. Thankfully even if a country deems you an orphan God says He will never leave us as orphans in John 14:18.

{Meet Alla}

She is:
HIV+ which is totally managable here in the U.S...
She is healthy and developing normally. click her name to be taken to Project Hopeful to find out more details about her. She is just one year younger than Em. She just looks so sweet. I don't know any of her family history...but she just needs a mom and dad to love her and show her Jesus. Lets pray! God is big!

And this boy's story hit me hard....With all life's difficulties thrown at him, he still strives to serve others...

{Meet Andriy}

His story:
Andriy lived with his grandmother and grandfather, both of whom are invalids. Despite their advanced age his grandparents still drink alcohol and fight. His mother is in jail for vagrancy. His father officially rejected the boy, saying that he was not his son. He is under the guardianship of the orphanage director.
It was observed: He has a good sense of humor. He is very polite and small for his age and gets along well with the other kids.
Camp directors said: he would regularly sit next to her and bring her seconds of dinner before he would get his own. He was soaking up individual attention. They said he gets along well with the other children and is a peace keeper.

Please pray. I know we can not personally adopt all kids...but these two really pulled at my heart this morning. Lets pray God does something really big.

Remember sweet Anika. She now has her forever family. We did a euchre night to raise money without her even having a family...BUT GOD! He knew. Lets see how he chooses to use our prayers for these two sweet kids.


UP Next...My new room renovations...that I've been working on for weeks now...inspired by our new desk...

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