Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A birthday, a crazy life, and surgery...

So its been a bit since I posted last.  I think it would be because i'm just a bit overwhelmed lately.

This sweet boy turned 11 this last weekend!  I can't believe it.

  I still remember this boy squeezing the junk right out of my neck because he loved me so much and never wanted me to let him go.  I'd take that all over again if I could...if he would.  thankfully he still snuggles with me.  Two weeks ago we were walking through the mall...[which mind you I don't do very often because.. well, its crazy!.. with kids and trying to stay sane and find something your looking for] and this boy grabbed my hand and squeezed it with the same love and affection he use to when he was little.  Melted my heart.  He didn't know this but he could have asked me for anything at that moment..and I would have said yes. 

We of course ate a Buffalo wild wings on his birthday...because he LOVES that place...all the sports you want and food.  This boys dream!LOL.  He got a cool base guitar.  We then made special dinner and dessert the night before.  and then the next day we went to the movies...well the boys did while I kept baby boy.  Birthday party festivities continue all the way through this friday...when he has his family birthday.  Which consists of french toast for dinner with bacon and ham and eggs....for dessert he asked for coldstone ice cream...sounds like a sugar coma if you ask me.  And then some much needed facetime with our family that just moved across country.  I wish facetime was a larger camera...i'm sure the next one will be :)

Baby boy has been extra cranky.  Extra erpy [is that a word? prob not..but lets just go with it.]  wanting to be held every second.  gasy.  constipated. congested.  shacky.. Today I wrapped him up in the biorn and he loved it.  fell asleep, woke up and cried for a bit...fell back to sleep....he was much happier in that little biorn.  Guess its gonna be our days for a bit...until he gets out of this stage. Seasons is what I tell myself.  His sleep pattern at night is getting more routine which is good.  He goes to the doc tomorrow to see if there is something going on or if its just normal infant thought is there is more to this than normal infant stages...but we will see.  Because of all the things he is dealing with it makes me a little more worn out...but i'm doing my best.  praying for the strength of the Lord....I love that song " you must think i'm strong to give me what i'm going through...forgive me, forgive me if i'm  wrong, but this looks like more than i can do...i know i'm not strong enough to be everything i'm suppose to be...i give up...i'm not strong enough...hands of mercy won't you cover me...,lord right now i'm asking you to be strong enough...for the both of us."

Its not that I regret anything we are doing [i love this little guy!]...just tired...and little overwhelmed somedays....but I also know there is a lot worse things out there...and its not the end of the world...i also know God is using this time in our lives...and I just want to be a beautiful example of Him...who i serve.  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  :)

 And this sweet boy had a tonsillectomy and adnoitectomy today.  He did amazing.  he is resting somewhat comfortably at home right now.  throat soar...but he has such a great attitude.  He is so sweet...i love how even when he is in pain he has the most amazing manners...the nurse would ask if he wanted juice and instead of ya..he said yes please.   He said on the way home..Mom i can already breath better than yesterday.  Praise God. 

hope your week is beautiful.

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