Friday, April 20, 2012

You can help us help the people of Ethiopia!

My family and I have our plane tickets! EEEKKK!! So nerve racking!  God is doing amazing things already.

We have a layover in Egypt which we have booked a tour for the kids to see the pyramids.  It will be so neat to read to them the scriptures while looking at them to understand that they were built in biblical times.  I'm also thankful we found something to do while we wait for our 11 hour connecting flight.  Hopefully this little outing will give them enough energy to get back on the plane for the next jont.  Ethiopia! 

So we asked the beautiful family that runs the orphanage if they are in need of anything for the kids there, or the families that are being sponsored by people just like you.  And she did give us a list...Would you pray about helping us stuff our suitcases to the max for these beautiful people?

Needs for the orphanage:
Shoes for girls sizes 10-11 all the way up to 3-4's.

Boys and girls clothing mainly for older kids...preteen, teenagers to young adults and pretty much anything in between....but if you feel God laying a specific size that is not listed here on your on heart...listen to Him, He will have a plan for it!

The orphanage gets a lot of infant clothing that's why that's not being requested.

Samaritans purse shoe box items...small toys, tooth brushes, small books, coloring stuff....all that you would put in one of those shoe boxes...

Our Needs:
We still could use monetary [$$] donations for our trip....this is costing every bit of the initial we felt God calling us to save.. $10,000.00 plus more...So if God is laying it on your heart...There is a donate button on this blog, or contact me for our mailing address.  We still have many expenses to pay for...Lodging at multiple locations for just over two weeks, transportation,  food for 5 people for two weeks, Tony taking two weeks completely unpaid, immunizations $1,000.00!  We had not idea!  and others...

oh and i still am selling headbands to raise money for this this... completely customizable [you pick your colors]...just email me if you want to buy one...$25.00 per headband for woman or a lot smaller for you daughter for $15.00.  :)

FEED [1] Orphan Money... Also still accepting donations....items still available for purchase.  contact us if you need more information.

Prayer!  please pray for us.   pray for our time there.  pray for our hearts to be opened.  pray for safety.  pray for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to anyone and everyone we come in contact with.

Pray for health for our family.  Specifically Emma has to get a lot of shots, and her little body doesn't hand shots well.  But as a friend said today...God's got this!  Amen, he does...but we covet your prayers.

Pray for wisdom and discernment and filling of the holy spirit with our entire family.

Okay, I gotta go run sweet Emme to the doctor now, cause she is sick, again....

WE really do love you guys!
P.S our travel dates are June 3rd-June 15th.  :)

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