Monday, May 21, 2012


I seriously can't believe that we are only...
11 1/2 days away!
WOW. Something I thought that seemed like an eternity..
Its here. 
This morning on the way to school we prayed. [like always.]
but this time we asked the Lord to speak to us. 
I told him, were listening. Please speak.
Then as I was on my way home from taking the kids to school...
i was praying.  Asking the Lord to prepare our hearts.
To see things we are so unfamiliar with...
the breaking of our hearts for others...
to Love unconditionally.
To be lead by him.
The Lord gave me an image in my head.
And it brought me to tears.
after I saw that image in my mind...I prayed that i would be able to able to do that.
to set myself aside.
to be used by him for his glory only and always.

 I don't want to share the details of the image he gave me.
but I want to see Him bring it to be.

I want to hear Him so clearly.
Sometimes i'm hard of hearing.
So I say scream Lord...and I'm listening intently.
Your will be done...not mine.

We covet your prayers.
I will soon be posting an update of the supplies the Lord supplied through
HIS willing body...
the hands and feet of jesus that you all have been...and are.

Love you all!

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