Saturday, August 11, 2012

A prayer by my husband...

I know when a song is in the making.
They don't usually happen this quickly...
But God has been stirring his heart for days now on this song.
He sat down last night to write this song...
and he finished it this morning!
Crazy man...whom I love.
I don't normally share his songs here on my blog.
but this song is so true....
and beautiful.

I asked him to describe this song...
He said...
Its my heart against..
lethargy and apathy that is so prevelant in the church as a whole,
Its a prayer for the apathy to not take hold...
a prayer to take action against apathy.

I hope you enjoy it.
i love it.

Apathy from Tony Giraud on Vimeo.

here are the lyrics...[because some of you have asked for them]
Apathy just kills a man
Steals the heart as fast as it can
Now we ask the question
Where do we go from here
Lethargy will make a friend
Takes the place of faith again
Still we ask the question
Where do we go from here
And I see Your brilliant light
Refreshing my darkened eyes
And I see Your fire in sight
So burn away my pride and lies
Use me, use me, use me, use me
Feeling faint with tired eyes
Too much done with his own might
Now he asks the question
Where do I go from here
Burnt out fast with much to do
Didn't seem to much for me I through
And so I ask the question
Where do I go from here
Use me Lord, oh burden me
Take away my apathy
Let me see Your moving light
Change me God, open my eyes
Use me

By his grace,

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