Thursday, August 23, 2012

money sent....

Man...satin is such a punk.  thankful that we did not fall into any of his traps this week.
who would have thought that we would have been so attacked spiritually by just depositing the $1101.00 in the EGCH fund.

our dishwasher broke.
our printer died...this one we can't live without...the hubistrators business depends on it.

we've only received 1/3 of our income this month....

plus we have vacation planned for this month.

but this money is jesus'...that he wants to bless his kids with in ethiopia.  not one red cent belongs to us...
so after the checks cleared..the money was deposited on tuesday night.

i'm thankful for the perspective...rather than the alternative perspective which is always such a bummer...

This week...def par for the course.

by his grace.

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