Sunday, August 5, 2012

One part...

Friends I was reading from a friend who was at ebenezer grace children's home. She served there for a few months...and I was reading her return blog post.
Reminded me so much of us being there..and each one of those sweet kids well as the servants investing in each kids life.
So here's the deal...
I've thought about a cupcake sale...I've thought about a euchre party...I've thought about just a coffee night...all are great ways to raise funds to help supply for this orphanage.
Giving is down. Majorly! And these kids need your help. This missionary family needs your help. The orphanage is 100% donation bases and if donations are down how will they be provided for? So this is my question for you...
Can you be just one part? Can you help provide a meal for this orphanage? Are you called to? I believe we are all called to help the orphans and widows. Not everyone is called to go...but surely everyone is called to be a part. Will you pray and ask what your part is?
I'm asking for a biggy here friends.

Can we get 20 families to donate $ that won't bring them out of the negative...but maybe you can do a party to raise money as well as your donations. Please pray first. Maybe you can get your friends involved.
I wish I had an awesome prize to offer or something to send you in return for your donation...but just know that 100% of what you donate will be given to the orphanage...there's no administrative processing fees...and know that you are providing for an orphan.
So here's how you donate. The top of this blog has a donate button. Click that. You can pay with a credit card or if you want to mail a check email me at and I will email you the address.
Here is the video of the kids at the's always a blessing to see the faces that need your support!

Ethiopia 2012 from Tony Giraud on Vimeo.

if the link isn't clickable just copy and paste it into your browser.
Be blessed my friends.
James 1:27 true and undefined religion to god our father is visit the orphans and widows in there time f need.

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