Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's finally finished!

All together now. [praise Jesus!]

Notice, the hung lights under her bed...I thought it would be cool to have twinkling lights while she sits in the gigantic bean bag chair and reads or draws...

Can you tell we like color?  My mama wasn't too thrilled with the idea of a zebra lampshade with the chevron wall, but I new it would be Em and Em loved i added a stash on it..cause she loves those too!

Finally finished the yellow dresser.  See those cans, I took a soup can and an illy coffee can and wrapped cute shelf paper around it. I stole that idea from my friend Lemonade makin mama.  She has a beautiful heart and totally cool design ideas...hence my cool little pen cups and marker cups. Of course I added a stash on one of the cans too...and the mirror. The girl is in love with them. What can i say?.  Encourage her in the things that are good.  And this my friend is not bad so it must be good. hehe  :)

Bed painted a nice grey. #1 rule, buy a gallon paint, ALWAYS.  Even if you think you will only need a quart.  You never just need a quart.
#1 rule, don't buy lacquer.  My life expectancy has probably just been cut in half.  Even with a mask and windows open...That junk is potent jack!

 This is the afghan my grandma made Em. Em picked out all the colors and my grandma thought it would be hideous.  Well it matches her room perfectly, so either her room is hideous or grandma is just getting old. You decide. :)

Personally I love this room.  Now I want to redo the boys room...[don't tell Tony! ha.]

Love you all.

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