Thursday, March 7, 2013


 I love this picture of us...he doesn't so much...but thats okay, we were in a dark limo at Christmas there was no alchohol involved. hehe.

I woke up yesterday to a love not attached to our bathroom mirror.
It was a beautiful card.
Normally it's super easy to find anniversary cards for women and not for men.
Not this year friends.
The men's cards were off the hook.
I found three I wanted to buy.
I only bought one.
It was perfect, said exactly how I felt about him in a guy kinda way [meaning short and sweet and simple].
I bought him a new pair of shoes.
I know the way to my mans heart...
And lets just say it has nothing to do with boudan[its a duck dynasty kinda thing].
My man loves shoes.
Okay back to my love note from him.
It said at 9am look here.
I found this. We had talked about rings.  He got me a new ring a couple of years ago.  My first ring was a borrowed from my grandmother because we had no money when we got engaged.  While we were talking about rings, I said hey I bet I'd have a huge rock if you saved the 3 months worth of salary for an engagement ring like people do now.  He got me a huge rock. I love it! He's amazing. And I love our humor.
Then it said at 9:30 look here.
I found this.
Then it said at 10:00 look here
 I found this..Sweet words with a pic of [our] sweet kiddos.

Then it said at 10:30 look here
I found this..sweetest of notes.
Then it said at 11:00 look here
I found hortons to be exact...HELLO boudan!LOL.
Then it said at 11:30 look here
I found this..This one is so crazy thoughtful!
Then it said at 12:00 look here
I found this.[shut up!] I love this stamp set!!
Then it said at 12:30 look here
I found this, oh my! He didn't even know I had been eying this frame!
Then it said at 1:00 look here
I found this
Then it said at 1:30 look here
 I found this

Then it said at 2:00 look here
I found a shower caddy...that I had wanted but didn't want to spend the whole $8.00 on it. I'm cheap! lol

Then it said at 2:30 look here
I found this it had hair clips attached to it

Then it said at 3:00 look here
and I found had 14 hair scrunchies attached to the note.
And the grand finally was these amazing little gems.
Great harvest bread company in Brighton. They have outdone themselves.
Better than Cinnabon!

14 gifts for 14 years. wow!
I love this man and his romantic side.

He totally wins [this year!]
I will be better next year ;)
I love him more than words could say. More than I probably even ever let on...I have a lot to work on. Jesus help me.

I couldn't have picked a better best friend for myself to walk this [always new] adventure with that we so easily call life.
I thank Jesus for whom my blessings flow...I am one blessed woman.

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nic said...

you two are THE BEST. love the love between you, and the way it all centers on Christ.

happy, happy anniversary!!