Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting healthy.

I decided to start keeping track of what we are spending on our grocery budget.
I'm praying its less than what we figured that we were spending.
Cause that's a big number.
More than I've ever spent before each month on groceries.
But that's because we are eating consciously, healthy and organic.
We've always dabbles in organic foods. Em has only ever had organic milk since she could drink milk. But after all the health concerns and issues going around in this country, I believe a lot has to do with the way we eat. So enough dabbling and more label reading and mostly organic foods that are fresh, not processed.
We are doing all this in the midst of saving for some pretty expensive things coming our way.
Tonight's dinner was:
Mahi mahi from trader joes
Organic steamed broccoli from Costco
Jasmine rice from SAMs club
Organic whole wheat homemade biscuits
Cost for everything...$20.00 for a family of 5. Not too bad. Organic and delicious!

And as a family we've been exercising 3 nights a week minimum. We are getting stronger, brushing off this winter weight and getting ready to enjoy spring and summer. Em and I have been doing Pilates the other 2 to 3 nights a week. We're really enjoying spending some girl time together and getting healthy.

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