Monday, May 12, 2008

Just listed...

So like I've said, I've been MIA lately, but I have been working on new things as well as some orders...HEres my sneaky peaky!


If I new how to put a link to my auctions here I would, but I don't so you can view it by clicking on the right for my auctions.... :0)

Also, I'm sooo EXCITED! I won a neckless from Erin of thevintagepearl, again you can view her blog on the right, Her jewels are AWESOME! We own a few. :0) BUt I must say this is the first time I've won something on a random give away! YAhh...I will post a picture of my pretty when I get it....In the mean time keep checking out ERins blog, she is famous for giveaways! WEll and great jewels. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! OUr day was full, we went to church, went to lunch with my mom and dad, brother and SIL, BIL and then went to my Inlaws and then finally arrived back home at 8:45...And we left the house at 7:30!!! It was a long day, but enjoyable...time with my kids and family, can't get any better. :)

Oh I almost signed off, but I forgot to tell you about my amazing deal I found this weekend...I found some adorable Lelli Kelly's at a garage sale for 1.00!!! Yup thats right 1.00, its NOT a typo...and they are in excellent condiiton...I feel like God is blessing me left and right lately!! First I found some cute clothes at Target in my size(which is always the challenge!LOL) I got 3 pieces for 11.00!, then the Lelli Kelly's and now the tell me someone isn't trying to bless me! LOL...Especially since my dh just got layed off....Oh well my faith and trust is in God, he's always taken care of us this far, I know he will continue to.

Well I'll talk to you later...Oh and keep your eyes open I should have another set ready for our group launch tomarrow. :)


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