Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trying to out do paypal???

SO I signed up on this new site after doing some research, and it seems very lagit. I know lots of people who are using it...and you get free $$ if you sign up before the 15th of get those fingers typing..and they have a referral program that you could earn up to 500.00 max. So give it a try. :) It does ask for your ssn, but because they are a bank, and there is a law now saying you have to give your ssn to any bank to sign up...if you think it might be risky, just google it...nothing but praise. :) Oh and if you want to try it just click my link, it'll give me referral $$.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I will have new outfits to post hopefully soon!

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Erin said...

hey! you won the necklace! email me: