Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And the craziness goes on! UHHHH....

So I was sewing last night and I faintly heard a crying noise, I thought hmmm I better go check on who's crying, so I head up the stairs and I was greeted with my baby girl crying. I thought oh great she's having a night terror....so I grab her and ask the boys if she was sleeping, and they said Yes...so I assume she was having a night terror, so I sit in the rocker and start rocking her back to sleep, well after about 10 minutes she stops crying, and looks up to me and says "mama my head hurts" so I asked where, and she shows me, and I start feeling around for bump, and sure enough I felt one, so I said "oh let mama see" and I look back there and there's blood...and a good amount of blood too...I was like what happened? Well come to find out she was playing in her room, and she decided finally to go to bead went to lay down, and she hit her head on the vent register and cut it open. Well after questioning the boys and telling them that they need to tell the truth, and that is very important, weather they think they will get in trouble for playing or not, that this could result in M having to get stitches. Well that was the wrong thing to say, cause they started crying in hysterics. They couldn't stand the thought of there sister getting stitches(since they both know what if feels like) so here is M bleeding in one arm, and me trying to console her bubas in the other arm. What a night! After all that thankfully all that blood for a pimple size cut. So no stitches...Thank you God!

So what was your night Like?

Oh and I did get a new outfit listed....this was before the head injury:) Listed on Ebay.



Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Hi Gina! I'm New to the blogging world, and I found yours today. I hope your little angel is healed soon, and what compassionate little boys to worry about their sister!
The outfit is beautiful. Stop on by if you have time!

Lula Bee Boutique said...

Oh My Gina! That sounds like a crazy night at my house! Mine are always getting mystery injuries. Thank goodness she is ok!! And LOVE your slideshow BTW! :)

melbytoast said...

Good grief girl! You've had your share of craziness this month, haven't you? Poor lil' Emma.