Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pools, games, and scary stuff....What a weekend!

So we have been very busy here since school has let out....We've been swimming at our friends friends pool, Heres some cute pics of the kids..I know can you believe I have 3 kids...LOL...your only use to seeing M...



We had quite a scare at the pool this day....Ezra My youngest boy, was too embarrassed to put on his floaties in front of his friend, well he would jump into the shallow end of the pool, and he did it probably a hundred times that day, but one jump was just too much. Suddenly as I was chatting near by with my friend watching the kids in the pool, I heard an slight wailing sound, I look over to see my baby boy doggy paddling, just as hard as he possible could and wasn't moving though any closer to the edge of the pool, and he was in the deep end. I can't get that image out of my head...his head was barley above water and his mouth was going under slowly, I ran jumped in, of course I had my close on cause if I only had my suit on this would not have happened. I grabbed my baby boy and held onto him for dear life...well when I went jumping in after him, I threw water in Em's face and she started choking, so with Ezra in my arms I swam to her to grab her and get them both out of the pool. I just remember thanking GOd for my babies....If I wouldn't have been out there(which I'd never leave my children around water unattended) who know what would have happened. Then at church a day later, my husband(he's our worship leader) played the song "Blessed be your name" And the words that are in there are "you give and take away" And I couldn't help but praise God for not taking my children away that day....and taboot Emma has had this nasty cough that she's been waking up in the middle of the night needing breathing treatments, her windpipe has actually been closing. She's been on 2 breathing treatments every 4 hours or more, and an antibiotic, the doc said she had fluid on her lungs, combined with her natural asthma. And I just remember thanking God that night too for not taking Em from me either....

Well after all that we had a fun holiday weekend and here is a sweet picture of my kids and hubby playing mario kart...Its super fun! Although my oldest isn't in the pic, cause he doesn't like the wii...strange I know!LOL..


Then dh bartered with my mom, she had him help my dad build a deck and in return she bought my kids this....
He's soo GREAT! I have an amazing Husband!
and that is there surprise for when we move into our new house this weekend...I know they'll miss there grandma and papa, but hopefully this will help them get over it a little. :)
Well if you don't hear from me soon, its cause I'm still trying to get us settled.


melbytoast said...

What a scary moment! It's moments like that that makes us realize how blessed we mommies are, huh? I'm happy to hear you had such a good weekend--love the pics of your kiddos! They are going to have the BEST time with that water playhouse!! WOOhoo

Good luck with the move hon!



bella*tessa said...

Oh Gina!! That is so scary! I'm so glad they are all alright!!