Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh Goodness!

Well we've moved, and are finally almost settled....It was a rocky road on our moving day, to start things off, the rental truck company gave us a hard time...I think everyone should expect that!LOL...then you wouldn't be cought off guard. Then as we are on our way to our new house, and hour away from our old one, it started to rain...well you wouldn't think thats such a big deal, except we had all our clean Laundry in the back of my dad's truck and you guessed it, it was all drenched, and had to be rewashed...well that wouldn't be so bad except when I did our first load, it took 5 times to dry one load of laundry, then the next load wouldn't dry at all...UHH...thankfully we got that fixed rather quickly! Well I think thats the end of the issues with moving! Thank God! And everything else has been good....Well except limited Internet access...Thank God for wireless connections at your favorite drink restaurants!

AS for official business, well I listed a new outfit on ebay, I made it before we moved, knowing I wouldn't have time to make it this week. Its super cute, and tons of applique detail...

Check it out when you get a chance!

Also On another note, my Grandpa is having heart surgery tomorrow, so if you could remember to pray for him, that would be awesome! THis was unexpected, I think we got a couple of weeks notice, so there a little shaken up about it.
Oh gosh, my little one has to go potty...guess I gotta go!


Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

We'll be praying for your Grandpa!

The outfit is adorable :o). Congrats on the new home.

Lula Bee Boutique said...

Oh girl, you will be in my prayers :)! Hope everything starts to go a little smoother for ya too. I just thought of this, but do you have a sidewalk in front of your new house to take your trademark pics on???