Sunday, June 28, 2009

Edy's Ice Cream 1.66 a half Gallon at Target... .67 cake mix and a personal note!

Went to Target tonight in hopes to find some patio furniture for our new house...I can't believe how much stuff is gone and it only went to 30% off...I was hoping it would be 50%....anywho, I ran on Targets website before I left and printed out two coupons...
Edy's Ice Cream which is on sale for 2.66 -1.00 printable here = Final price 1.66
And well since I only printed off one coupon and the kids saw we were getting Ice Cream I thought might as well get two...and I was so bummed that I didn't print more coupons I remembered that you can go to the registry kiosks and click on the Target symbol on the left side of the screen and click on shopping...once your on Targets website scroll down for Target grocery coupons click on that....a list of coupons will pop up you click print and then you choose which coupons you want then hit print again...and in 2 minutes out prints your save money and time by doing it there! So I ended up at a kiosk printing another Edy's coupon to save 1.00 more...YAY!!

I also printed a Duncan Hines coupon for 0.50 off any baking item so I bought a cake mix for .67 after coupon...Nice!

Oh ya VG's is tripling again!! My friend said until middle of July..wahoo!! I'll post deals later...

So we moved into our new house this last saturday...We had sweet friends and family that came to help...What a blessing! Especially since my back has been out for almost a week....I feel like my butt is sitting on my hip! I look so weird...oh well, atleast the pain is starting to really go away...Thank you Jesus! So it was a bummer to move in pain, but again Thanks to my wonderful friends and family that it all got done..I still have tons of boxes to unpack but for now we know where our clothes are and theres a tv set up for the kids and we have our kitchen put we can live like this for a while if need be until my back gets better...although if you know me I try to push through the pain and just get it done! I hate to sit and do nothing!LOL...Well I'm off for the night but I will publish more deals soon!

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