Monday, June 29, 2009

Meijer meat deal....Worth going for!!

1/2 (half) pound of Naturewell beef from butcher counter priced 3.49 per pound=1.74

Then buy 2 bags of Dole salad lettuce on sale for .98 per bag = 1.96

So your first total out of pocket is 3.70

Heres the key...You get a 3.00 Catalina.... making it only .70 really....

Then you turn around and do this again but use your 3.00 reward for your next purchase to make your next purchase really only .70 out of pocket..... roll this deal as many times as you like...

So lets recap (cause I'm OCD like that!LOL..) for .70 you get 1/2 pound of NATUREWELL BEEF and two bags of DOLE SALAD....I rolled this deal 8 times...and now I'm left with a 3.00 Catalina good off my next purchase at meijer...Oh I suggest using the self checkout lanes...instead of dealing with bothered employees about us using too many deals at a time...

Pretty good if I do say so myself!!

So I've paired this deal up at meijer since theres so much salad and ordered more Salad dressing coupons from here but hurry theres only 22 coupons left....these will = free with overage at Kroger

Okay more deals to come later in the week!


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