Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Raw milk??, Homemade bread, butter and buttermilk...And some great savings!

Okay, so I've been really thinking about this whole RAW milk thing..not pasteurized or anything...I can't believe its Illegal to buy it straight from farmers...my grandparents and great grandparents always drank there milk this way...Its probably the most economical way to not only get your milk, but make your butter, and have the buttermilk left over....I've been looking into it to see if there is anyway here in Michigan that we can buy this RAW mik....the only way I've found is if you purchase a share of a cow...It ends up being about 7.00 a gallon (they come in glass containers which is much healthier for us and our kids) but in that 7.00 a gallon, that is based on a 4 week month, and there could be a 5 week month here and there so it could go down to about 6.00 a gallon which is pretty close to what I pay at Kroger for Organic milk. Its funny that I've been thinking about this because my sister just came back from California and she was just talking to a friend of hers that is pregnant(you know we start thinking about things we normally wouldn't when were pregnant) and her friend recently started buying non pasteurized milk from a local dairy farm. She said the research she's been doing is showing that by pasteurizing and so on you actually take the nutritional nutrients right out of the milk....the statistics are crazy, so I hear...like only 10% in pasteurized to 100% in non pasteurized...so when my sister came home and was telling me about this I thought...hmmm I wonder if God is trying to tell me something. Especially since my sister and I haven't talked about this whole milk thing at all...And again the pros for me is that I can make butter and buttermilk and have healthier milk in healthier containers...It sounds like a win win to me...WHAT ABOUT YOU?? What are your thoughts? Have you or are you trying RAW milk? I'd love to hear your comments....

So kinda on that same note, we made homemade sandwich buttermilk white bread. We normally eat wheat bread only, but I only had white bread flour so I thought we'd try it. I was amazed at seeing this bread rise as much as it did....and to my surprise I didn't read the whole recipe before hand like you should, I know slap my hand! LOL...but It made two loafs! I was happy about that! So after making the two loafs of bread, I called my middle child in, his name means helper(boy does he live up to his name)and asked if he wanted to help with making butter...well following true to his name, I got a YES! So we got this recipe here and after following that recipe which was soo easy, we had butter! So for dinner we had chicken and steak(I don't like steak, so I make chicken for myself) plain rice, brocolli and homemade bread and butter....Oh man was dinner amazing! All I kept hearing is this bread and butter is amazing!! So I think I'm hooked at making bread...Its worth the wait and time....I'm thinking if I take a day a week, I could have a bread making day, make a couple of batches and some butter batches then we'd have homemade bread and butter for the week....I'll let you know how that plan goes! Although I think I'll have to continue to buy some bread at the store because like this last week at Meijer I got 3 loafs of bread and 3 loafs of buns all for .30 a loaf because they were on sale for 1.00 and I had .35 off coupons and my store doubles and I had 6 coupons...so when I have deals like those I will have to purchase them from the store...but when I pay full price for bread, I might as well make it, atleast then I know whats in it...

So I found a good W A L G R E E N S DEAL yesterday....

Colgate TOTAL toothpaste.... regular price 1.88
Coupon in ad for -1.00
And purchase coupon from here
FINAL cost is free ....I realize you have to pay .10 for the coupon and you have to purchase a minimum of 3, but I figured if you purchase those and you purchase something else at Walgreens you will mostly likely walk away with overage from that coupon which actually pays for itself that way...

Sunday we had to take a drive down to our families house and I wanted to stop at the Super Target, so we did, and I was expecting to get the Kashi Waffle deal and wouldn't ya know it they didn't have any there either! I'm kinda irritated cause I have four of these coupons and these coupons
Which makes them .29 each box after coupons....
The trick is to find them at your Target!

We also got the Banana boat trial size
-1.00 off coupon from paper
.01 overage

Joint juice(Found in the water and juice isle next to vitamin water) .99 each
after this coupon and that coupon
Plus you'll get more coupons each week from them on a B1G1 and if you reprint the 1.00 off you could get more free...

There is another Kashi deal....
Kashi bars on sale at Target for 2.59 (give or take a few cents)
-1.50 off coupon here
Tota 1.09ish which is still a good deal for some healthy food!

Nexcare Bandages on sale 1.99 for 20 count
-1.00 coupon from here
-.50 off from Target mailer
TOtal .50

Nexcare Bandages trial size .99
-1.00 coupon from here
Total .01 overage

And a freebee coupons for all you White Castle lovers..NOT me! HEre ya go...

Go here to print a coupon for a free Original Slider from White Castle. This coupon expires July 12, 2009 and is a limit of one coupon per customer per visit.

Okay theres a ton more coupons and such to be had I just gotta run for now...


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