Sunday, September 6, 2009

SO Sorry! :( Some good deals, and a new outfit...

I'm sorry I've been MIA this summer, its been a bit busy with moving and the kids, and well enjoying the summer! I wanted to let you all know there are some good Target deals out there right now...
Go to To see the matchup's she has listed right now...I think there are several good items there...

I also went to Meijer tonight and did pretty well. They had there 10 for 10 plus get the 11th free....and well I really enjoy this sale, you get so much for your money....a few deals to mention....

Totino's pizza's 10 for 10 plus get 11th free -1.00 MQ When you buy 5 ***USe two coupons to get them for 11 for 8.00

Totinos' pizza rolls 11 for 10 purchase only 4 use 2 -.40 MQ dbld -.80 (coupon states you must buy 2) final cost 1.20 for 4 packs of Pizza Rolls...

Danimals drink cups or crush cups -1.00 meijer mealbox coupon + -1.00 MQ from last sunday's paper = FREE

Aunt Millies Bread buy 1 for 3.19 get two free , use -.35 MQ (from a sunday paper) dbled to -70 = 2.49 for three loafs of Aunt Millies wheat bread (the good stuff..not the cheap one!)

Dr. Pepper products .69 per two liter.... Thats a steal!

Meijer ground turkey frozen rolls, 11 for 10.00 **remember you don't have to purhase 11 of the same can mix and match!

Kelloggs cereal Pops, apple jacks, rasin bran sale for 2.00 each box -1.00MQ (from last sundays paper) off 2 boxes = 2 boxes for 3.00

Campbells soups to go 11 for 10.00 -.50 MQ when you buy 2 DBLD to -1.00 off = 1.00 for two

Campbells soup bowls 11 for 10.00 - 1.00 MQ when you buy 2 = 1.00 for two bowls

Nabisco dunkables 2.00 -1.00 Meijer Mealbox coupon = 1.00 each box

Kraft Mac n Cheese cups buy 6 use one 1.00 when you buy 2 from Meijer mealbox and use one 2.00 off when you buy 4= BOGO basically 3.00 each...

Fiber one Pancake Mix (its amazingly delicous!!) 3.12 sale - 1.00 MQ that they mailed me = 2.12

Fresh Brocolli .99 per bunch

Lettuce .99 a head

Ground Angus 1.89lb

Meijer brand Ziplock bags 11 for 10.00

Edy's ice cream 1.99 a carton...Love that sale...although I heard here that you can get it for free at Target...too bad I forgot my coupons when I went to Target today...

I think thats all I got..If I remember more I'll post more later...I spent 62.00 and saved 60.00...Not too bad!

On another note, I recieved an email on friday from a Talent Agency that wants to meet Em...I thought oh right, what do they want me to pay them...but everything on there website looks legit, so we go in on Tuesday to see what its all about...we'll see I guess...could be fun!

And I designed a new outfit...I love how breezy it is....
You can view it here

Okay I got to go put the kiddos to bed...

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