Sunday, September 13, 2009


My life has been a bit crazy lately. Our kids were suppose to go to a Christian school that they went to part time last year, and unfortunetly they closed due to the economy. They closed one week before school was suppose to start. :( So as I started to panic we then tried to get them into another Christian school nearby and after trying that route, and not sure if that is exactly what the Lord wanted for our children, we decided to give homeschooling a month or so. So during this month I am homeschooling all three piglets full time....Its been....well interesting to say the least! The first day was great...they said "Mom we wish everyday could be like this" , my thought "WOW I could do this" well that quickly ended by the next day. The next day was stressful, they seemed to have forgotten...well just about everything they've ever learned in there entire life!...Maybe I'm a bit exaggerative, but somehow if you were a fly on the wall this last week you might think I'm right on the money. Oh and after our stressful morning and afternoon of schooling both boys had football practice, and would ya think that the people running both leagues could get that a mother of 3 children can't be at two places at once, nope, that would just be crazy, what was I thinking! So after I created a cloning machine in my spare time and multiplied myself we were able to get the day done... The next day was another continued struggle of getting into a routene and listening...i think I told my 5 year old to sit at the table about 12 times! All while I was just trying to give them some creative art time with some homemade clay. Em had a totally different idea of creative art time with clay, as I turned around I see her running from the dining room to the living room with the clay on her head, repeating the same thing over and over again...What was she repeating over and over again, um well I am a mother, so I completely tuned that part out( What a great gift from GOD!) , maybe you should ask that fly that I'm pretty sure It had a stroke and died from the stress of listening to a 5 year old repeat the same thing over and over and over, and running through the house, and then me repeating my self 12 times to sit at the table, and do your school work and then the older boys in there weird bathroom jokes and so on...all that followed with another day of football practice, this time My husband said go ahead and take some YOU time while the boys are at practice, so me quite stressed from the week, I decide to stop and get my amazing coffee at Tim Hortons, then head to Walmart. I go into Walmart to browse, it not my favorite store, but I though you know this is the closest to the practice and I have to be back in an hour so I went grabbed a basket and as I'm in the midst of the store, I realize I must have grabbed the noisiest basket...and why would I expect anything different? I mean I'm only going out to destress from my crazy day with these sweet sinners saved by grace children, and I just kinda had to laugh at this loud basket, but then as I'm trying to concentrate and think about my purchase on a few items, I then hear 15 million other peoples children crying and throughing a fit in the store....wait why was I here again? What was my destress....hmmm and now I'm trying to think and count, and find a price scanner all over that blasted store, and wouldn't ya know it! every crying tantrumming child was either right behind me or right in front of me....I think at this point I probably should have just walked out of the store, but nope me wanting this good deal, and wanting to get out of the house(we only have one car, so its a rarity to get out) I keep trying to reconcentrate ...Now I'm start wondering if I have ADD or something cause I can't stay focused to save my life, and when I think I start making progress something shinny pops up or a screaming kid comes my way...before I new it I was running to the check out with my purchases and praying I am not keeping everyone waiting for me a the practice...SOOOOOO (really emphasizing a big sigh here) The next day we continued in our craziness and decided to add a cable and internet installation to another crazy, joyful and oh so wonderful Homeschool lesson. Why you ask, well because we couldn't live without it being just one ounce of stressfulness more than the day before! So with this next week coming we will give it another go, hopefully we won't loose any flies and/or have PITA coming to our door because of this crazy endevor!

So Please forgive me if my blog lacks a bit...I promise I will try to keep up the clothing and grocery shopping lists and well the life of a mom, taxi, teacher, housekeeper, designer, chef, wife, daughter, sister, friend.

P.S. I don't know how my mother in law does it all....

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