Sunday, November 1, 2009

Target Deals for 11/1-11/7

Theres some pretty good Target Deals this week....
Skippy Peanut Butter price drop to 1.93 -1.00 Store coupon Final cost .93

Kelloggs Cereal selected varieties on sale plus buy 3 get 1 free! Heres a Deal scenario for you....
Buy 2 Corn Flakes with honey
Buy 1 Rice Krispies
Pick another one for free
Use four -1.00 off 1 box of Kelloggs store coupon
Use two -1.00 off 1 box Corn flakes MQ Here
Use one -.75 off 1 box of Rice Krispies coupon from Kelloggs website here
Total out of pocket is 2.17 plus tax for four boxes of Kelloggs, and the best part is Kelloggs is a michigan company, so your getting a chance to support your state!

Another Kelloggs deal scenario for you is....
Buy 2 boxes of frosted Mini Wheats
Buy 1 box of frosted mini wheats bites
Pick any other Kelloggs cereal for free
Use 4 -1.00 off Box of Kelloggs from above
Use 1 -1.00 off WYB 2 Mini Wheats
Use 1 -1.00 off When you buy Mini wheat Bites
Total Out of pocket is 3.57 for 4 boxes of Cereal (Mini wheats are on sale for 3.19 this week at Target)

Another Kellogs deal scenario is....
Buy 4 boxes of Frosted flakes (2.66 each box)
Use 4 -1.00 off any 1 box of Kelloggs cereals
Use -1.50 WYB 3 Kelloggs frosted flakes
Total out of pocket is 2.48 for four boxes of cereal!

Archer Farms Crackers Salt and pepper crackers 1.24 -1.00 Target store coupon Final cost .24

Ocean Spray Juice **Unadvertised sale....price scan before you purchase*** price cut 1.98
-1.00 Target store coupon
Total .98 for 64 ounces of any of the pomegranate juices...(For all you newbies to couponing, I'd totally stock pile on this sale..It will never be cheaper for this kind of juice!)

Snickers Candy Tub Clearanced out today
-1.00 Target store coupon
Should make for some pretty cheap candy! ( I know like we really need more candy...good for stocking stuffers though!)

Well I think thats all for now....I'm going to be adding more good sales soon...

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