Friday, October 9, 2009

I know...I know...

Sorry everyone for being a slacker again! This homeschooling this is kicking my butt! We've had several 9-4:30 days and well with homeschool that shouldn't be...But in the midst of these long days I have had a chance to run to Target for a couple of really good deals...I know its friday and a few of these deals will be gone by Sunday but I thoought I'd mention them.

My Target run...

Mott apple juice 1.75 Buy 5 get a 5.00 gift card...Do this transaction first to use your gift card to pay for part of the rest of your groceries and it keeps the deal sweet!
Mott Apple Juice = .75 per after gift card.

2 boxes of Honey Nut Cherrios sale for 2.33 each box -1.00 printable MQ Here use two plus stack them with printable Target coupon here -1.00 off two general mills cereals = 2 boxes for .83 each

Chex mix I bought the 8.75 oz bag for 1.99 - 1.00 Printable Target coupon here use two coupons and stack with a MQ -.50 off two from a sunday paper = .74 per bag

Chex mix at check out stands 1.00 - 1.00 Printable Target coupon here makes for free small bags of Chex mix.

General Mills Cereal sale 2.33 per box -1.00 MQ WYB 3 stack with Target Coupon HERE =1.66 per box or 4.99 for 3 boxes of Cereal

Skippy Peanut Butter regular price 2.04 - 1.00 Target coupon Here = 1.04

Strawberry Cream Cheese Bagelfuls--$1.89 (price cut at some stores)
Use $1/1 Bagelful printable here = .89 per box

Eggo Bakeshoppes sale 1.99 - 1.00 Coupons on packages = .99 per box

Kebbler cookies 2.04 per package - 1.00 coupons on package stack with Target coupon Here -1.00 WYB 2 = .54 per package

Quaker Granola bars Sale 2.00 - 1.00 WYB 2 MQ stacked with two -.50 = 1.00 each box

Well thats all I can remember right now...Remember Target will allow you to use as many same coupons as you wish thats great! I've also heard that they will match competators ads as long as you have the ad and is the exact match...would make for some great stacking coupons and such...I recomend you call your local Target to see if there matching ads or not so your not surprised if they say no. Have a great day!

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