Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day....

We had an awesome Valentines Day...Busy but Awesome. I had lots more plans to make the house so red and pink and blue....but when I was sick almost two weeks ago, it really kicked my butt! I haven't felt the same, energy, that I use to, so exhausted! Then taboot my back went out right after I started getting over my sickness! So between me still being tired, and my back hurting so bad that I was crooked...My Valentines plans were a little less than I had hoped. My Day started as a normal Monday, Get up at 7am, get the kids breakfast, and start getting my self ready to go. I had plans to make heart sandwiches, and make sure there were extra love notes in each lunch, however my sweet husband decided to make the kids lunches....So thankful for that! So all I had to do was sneak my Valentines card and candy into my husbands lunch, I thought I was soo sneaky!LOL...by 8 were off to get the kids to school, and my phone started with text messages at 8:15....My message read: keep your phone on you today, you will receive a text every hour on the hour! How sweet! He sent me such beautiful and meaningful text messages all day....Kinda hard to keep my phone on me while I'm being at teachers assistant in my daughters class. I get out of school at 1, go pick up Desi, our foster child, from her pre-adoptive parents home....it was her first long visit at there house. She did GREAT! Came home. Got Desi down for her nap, and started cooking our tripple layer heart shapped vanilla cake with chocolate ganache with red heart sprinkles. Dinner came around, and we had fun placemats from Target, Valentines candies, homemade Valentines Cards, sparkling cidar...all as a surprise for the kids at Dinner. They loved it. I think I will need to try a little harder next year, although they were pretty excited for our "fancy" Valentines Dinner.
As I sat down to Dinner, my Love, had gotten me a card from him, and a card from our kids, and a special placemat....Man He A.L.W.A.Y.S beats me! I just LOVE him!
How was your Valentines Day?
P.S. We actually celebrated our Valentines together on a date night on Friday night...P.F. Changs is my new favorite restaurant! Its absolutely amazing!! Were already ready for our next date night there.

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