Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My baby boy turned 10! He's such a joy....

It was this kids Birthday last month...Just after Em's. He turned {10}! I can't believe it. He is such a joy. He is full of life, always wanting to help(after all his name does mean helper!) he gets older, I see him growing and maturing into the little man God wants him to be. I pray that all the seeds that have been planted in His mind and heart over the years will continue to take root. I told him just the other day, i believe God has a calling on His life. He LOVES kids so much...I can see him working with kids someday. I encouraged him to continue to surrender his life to God each day, and be amazed at what He has planned for His life. I know it will be amazing.

He's learning to play guitar like his daddy. He started taking guitar at school, and his dad is giving him some lessons on the we speak. He loves to play baseball. Infact last weekend we spent two hours at tryouts for his team this year. Tryouts for a 10 year old, seems odd to me, but he was totally excited. So we had to naturally get him a new bat!

For one of his birthday gifts, he got to go snowboarding. He loves to seems he only gets to go once a year, because of school and time, but He enjoys it so much!

One of my favorite pics of {MY} Boys! All three in one pic doesn't happen to often! I LOVE the looks on each of their faces.

I love this little man....I continue to pray daily for protection over his mind and heart to be pure and holy before our Lord. God is so good! He has blessed me a million times over.
One more birthday to share!

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