Monday, March 21, 2011

Prioritizing my projects....

I have so many projects that I want to do {like yesterday!} so bad. I need to start to prioritize them, because I'm starting to feel overwelmed. Want to see my projects....maybe you can help a sista out?!

1.) I need to make two of these beds....I love this site, she has the instructions and everything!

2.)kitchen knobs that I found at an amazing deal at Anthropoligie....clearanced down from $10.00 to $2.95....I need to cut the bolts down and install figure out the rest of the knobs because I want them looking eclectic....

3.)paint the kitchen island.

4.) make kitchen valance...cause the one I have is ugly!

5.)make this pottery barn inspired clock.

6.)make cubbies, if the beds go well.

7.)paint the piano like this but I'm thinking red!

8.)paint and make a cushion for this stinken cute pottery barn coffee table I found at pottery barn for $19.95!

9.)decorate the living room.

10.)refinish our deck.

11.)fix our master bath.

I really hope this wood working/making stuff out of wood is something i'm good at, because I really want to stain more stuff. We recently stained our kitchen island, and I LOVE it! I got hubs a compressor with a staple gun, brad gun and nail gun....and I can't wait to try the nail gun....

So not too many projects right?!?! The beds have to be done asap, as the boys bed broke the other day, and we duck taped it together, and guess what...the other night I walked in to check on them and the broken bed that was duck taped...broke again!...poor kid is laying sideways to sleep. So pray for me! Pray i'm like this master carpenter of wood projects :)


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