Saturday, April 16, 2011

There's so much more!

Today my heart is yearning for so much more. Trying to wrap up how I'm feeling and to describe it all may take a please bare with me. This weekend our kids blessed my husband and I with a weekend away at a hotel, dinner and a movie. They've been saving up their allowance for a while now, and they called my mom and asked her to help them with this surprise. I'm so blessed beyond measure! This blessing took all of their money. There was nothing left for themselves and they were okay with that. The joy that was on their faces was so cute...they could barely contain themselves telling us our surprise. I've noticed when we are obedient to what Jesus calls us to do, it has more than one effect. Our goal has been to bless others with our money. Praying and asking God fervently what is His desire for every penny of our income. He has shown us many needs. I pray we have been obedient every time. I pray I haven't missed any opportunities because of my fallible mind, and heart. This obedience has had a trickling effect. Our kids have been apart of every time we have given to bless someone. Our kids gift of blessing us has now had a trickling effect. They told kids at their school what they were saving for and what they did and now some kids from their school are saving to buy their big sister a car! They have $20.40 saved for the car! What a blessing. Obedience in faith produces more than we can ever imagine or hope for.
My heart is yearning to be a part of something more. An outreach ministry of some kind. Once a week? I'm not sure what God is calling me to do, but I know being complacent is not what he desires for me. I'm ready for another foster child. I'm ready to be used by Him. I want to adopt a child. Theirs a specific child that I'd love to have. She's 2 1/2 and adorable. She needs to be loved by her parents. Their hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't thought about her. I pray for her. Pursuing adopting her would mean throwing out all logic, practicality out the window and trusting God. I'm okay with that....if that is what God is calling us to do. I want to love the unloved. Being a foster parent was an awesome experience. I'm excited for more if that is what God has for us.
Reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan, He speaks about giving. Giving to the point that you have to trust God for the necessities in life. In a very strange way I'd be okay with so much that you need to trust God for your needs. I'd like to see our churches follow this. Giving more than we are comfortable with. Giving to the orphans, widows and the point where you must trust God to pay your monthly rent. To be okay with not having a savings because your treasure is in heaven, and heavenly things.....could you imagine giving to someone who is so down and out and them seeing Christ through your gift....a treasure in heaven and heavenly things for sure! I'm tired of churches living among the poverty stricken people and seeing so many needs but looking at their budget sheet for the year and saying...oh well it doesn't fit in cause if we do this or that we won't end our year with what we want to have in the bank. The bible says it will all burn one day. We can't take it with us. I'm not saying to be stupid, but I'm saying we need to trust God more, and paper and savings less.
Do you want to be a part of something more? Are you already doing something more than the everyday? I'd love to hear from you. Want to help Anika get her parents?

It takes between $20-$25,000.00 to adopt a child out of U.S. There is an account for Anika. You could donate. I'd love to see her account get so much money that finances wouldn't become an issue for her new family. Trusting with God all things are possible.

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