Friday, June 24, 2011

James 1:27

Last night I watched a video on a sweet girl meeting her forever family and there final process of adopting and bring there baby girl home....I tried so hard to fight back the tears.....probably one of the most amazing videos I have watched in a long time. 

My heart has been on James 1:27 a lot lately.  My heart is so overwelmed with the beautiful children God has given me.  He is more gracious, than I could have ever asked for.  Sometimes I feel guilty because my heart hurts and longs to hold a sweet little orphan that has no mommy or daddy...and to want to show them what love is....and what our Jesus is in our household, and how amazing He is to us.  Part of me says God gave you three healthy beautiful children, how can you want more...and there's times I pray God would take this yearning from me if it isn't Him in me.....but really I have no answers.  I want what His wants for me.  I don't want to walk in my own will. 

So I just pray.  Pray that God would provide a Family and love to each orphan out there.  Pray that I would have enough boldness to do whatever God is calling me to do.  Please pray with me.  Let's watch God move mountains that only He can move.



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