Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This baby girl is taking milestones.  I remember when each kid learned how to ride their bike.  It really dies surprise me how long Em has taken.  She is my biggest dare devil ever....riding all the scary rides at Disney world, loving thrilling scare seeking adventures....but when it came to the "removal of the training wheels".....this kid wanted nothing to do with it.  We''be attempted this for almost three full years and each time she got herself so worked up, that we just put the training wheels back on...well not this year.  Her second try with daddy and she was taking off on her own.  This child...when she has a will she will have a way.  and when she doesn't have a will and its not important....Ya might as well give up.LOL. cause she already has. 

So Em's big milestone happened  at 7.

Ezra's happened at 5 1/2

Isaac's also happened at 7.

I'm so thankful I can honestly say I remember each child learning at each time in their life, how to ride their bikes.  Being their for those milestones.  Not being too busy to not watch or being off at work....


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