Saturday, August 27, 2011

Can you do eclectic with carpet???

Many of the designs we see today, that are eclectic, are usually designed around a rug. As I was designing my living room which suddenly turned into the family room...I was wanting to keep with my theme of eclectic. I searched high and low trying to find ideas of eclectic designs with carpet since we have carpet. I found nothing. seriously. So we designed my husbands desk and the rest of the eclectic room just started falling into place. I had grand ideas of burlap pillows and lamp shades, which are very popular right now, as I just went to pottery barns outlet. all the rage people. all.the.rage. However this room I designed has no burlap. Yes raw wood with pottery barn furniture from back in the day...I especially love the coffee table. I bought the base at pottery barn for $19.99...a steal! And we added the wood pallets to the top....I put a thin clear coat on the wood...just makes it pop more, I think I might add one more coat. The chairs around the little table are from my dining room.....we have 8 and don't need them all the I thought i'd put them to good use. The lamps are 10 years. But the shades I just bought at Target {my fav store} on clearance for $6.95 each. My plan was to recover them in burlap, but then when I found the small pillows at meijer on clearance for $5.00, I thought hmmm I may not have to recover those shades. Then I realized I had the larger pillows sitting in the trunk of my bed not being used and I thought....those have got to be perfect. The colors were perfect. Snagged my quilt that my dad and mom made me for Christmas which totally goes with the eclectic theme.

We use to have shelves on the wall...which I kept hitting my head on. and they were {sadly} sagging...I used anchors, but apparently they did not want to be in the after everything falling a few times, I said...thats it! OUT with those, and in with my Garbage picked old window. I had great plans for this window....because well it had glass in it and I was intending to stencil on it a great scripture or saying...but my boy {the middle} decided to break both of the windows I garbage picked. I loved the rustic look anyway. So I slapped it up on the wall with nails that were already there and added some pictures...and there it is. Fun right?.

Oh and those picture above Tony's desk...I cut those mats myself out of cardstock paper and measured and hung them myself. Thats a pretty big accomplishment for me...I'm not such the precise lady....I usually eyeball things...and well I new I'd be a dead woman if I eyeballed these right above Mr. Perfections desk. :)LOL... Oh the things we learn after being married for 12 years!

This yellow room which i also had GREAT plans at Repainting is now perfect. I love the Yellow with the dark furniture and bright lampshades. its Really perfect. I just need...wait not need, want curtains for this room...and it is done. i'm in LOVE. Whatcha think? Did the eclectic get conveyed well without an area rug? Oh btw i do plan to get a cute dresser and paint it and put it in place of what is under the tv...but for now my $19.99 Pottery Barn dresser will do.


Forgive me on some of the pics my lighting is off...but you get the idea. ;)


Rosie said...

Aw fun! I love redecorating :D lots of fun ideas, Gina!

Gina said...

Thanks...I LOVE decorating my house all eclectic like.... :)